Get to the heart and soul of Singapore

Whatever you call it – the Lion City, the Garden City or the Little Red Dot – there’s more to explore in this bustling metropolis. Once you’ve marvelled at its developed infrastructure and eaten at all the hot spots, see what makes this country special by going into the heartlands and meeting its people.

Topical & Niche Tours

Choose your angle. Discover Singapore in a way that is of interest to you.

Go to the Heartlands

Experience everyday life as lived by Singaporeans outside of the city centre.

Ethnic Cuisine

Expand your palate with so much more than Chinese, Malay and Indian food.

Tours with a Delicious Twist

We work with some of the most creative travel agents in Singapore to deliver history, culture, arts and wellness tours that include the opportunity to dine with a local.

Singapore, Tours, Mystics

Fortune Telling Oracle Monk

An evening walking tour that unveils a more mystical side of the Lion City. Dinner included.
NOSHtrekker, Singapore, Chinatown

Morning Errands

A leisurely morning walking tour that takes you through the lanes and clangour of Chinatown. Breakfast included.
NOSHtrekker, Singapore, Vanishing Trades

Vanishing Trades

A walking tour that opens the doors to the working spaces of traditional craftsmen and women. Morning tea included.
Singapore, Food Tour, Snacking

Snacking Is Our National Past Time

Uncover Singapore's passion for bite-sized eating on this food tour and private table experience.
Tours, Singapore, Battlefield

The Battle for Singapore

Walk and visit key sites in this multi-sensory exploration of Singapore's place in World War 2. Wartime lunch menu included.
How to Eat In Singapore

There are more than 100 hawker centers, with more than 6,000 cooked food stalls all over Singapore. These stalls serve a wide variety of ethnic food, from Hainanese Chicken Rice, to Malay Nasi Padang, Eurasian Devil’s Curry and Indian roti canai.

If you have eaten your full of hawker food, visitors have the option to dine at more than 2,700 restaurants or 29 Michelin-starred restaurants around the country.

No traveller to Singapore should ever be hungry, but if you do get stuck deciding where to eat, contact our Concierge for suggestions.

For the adventurous, we can open doors to speciality dining and private tables that might be your next once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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