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How to Host a Crazy Rich Asians Party

“Crazy Rich Asians” is the movie on everyone’s lips for its contribution to diversity in film and entertainment. In celebration of its launch, we hosted a Crazy Rich Asians party on July 13. … Read More

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Flavours of Australia’s Southern Highlands at The Fullerton Hotel

NOSHtrekker, in partnership with The Fullerton Hotel, is bringing a taste of Australia’s Southern Highlands to Singapore over a 10-day festival of food and wine. … Read More

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5 Traditional Snacks You Must Try in Singapore

If we define snacks as any food eaten between main meals, then the list of snack food eaten in Singapore runs long. As a primer, here are five traditional snacks that every food lover should try in Singapore. … Read More

Singapore Books

8 Singapore Books to Give As Gifts

Sharing ideas and memories through collections of stories, anecdotes and recipes allows the taste of Singapore to linger long after a visitor has left our shores. … Read More

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A Moment With Author Sebastian Sim

Roti prata, his mother’s cooking & the wonder of Singapore’s hawker centres Sebastian SimSebastian is an award-winning writer. His book, Let’s Give It Up for Gimme Lao!, will be featured in our upcoming #eatmywords pop-up experience on April 20, 2018. … Read More