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Each of NOSHtrekker’s Hosts presents a distinct local narrative delivered through the food they serve and the stories they tell.
Not to be overlooked is the ambience of their homes and the personal style they bring to the table.
Why not recreate a touch of discovery of places far away and cultures closer to home with our selection of curated table and homeware.
Go on, shop the look.

Masala Mistress Inspired

“Layer colour and pattern to create a rich tapestry of tableware. Inject a dash of sparkle, mixed metals and nature to be transported to an Indian feast.”
– Kara Butterfield, Interior & Product Stylist

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Plantation Table Inspired

“Walking into the ambience of Plantation Table, the first thing you notice is the beautiful use of natural elements that complement the green courtyard that serves as a visual focal point throughout the house. Channel the feeling using elements in warm brown, emerald green, tropical green and turquoise.”
– Kara Butterfield, Interior & Product Stylist

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Eat My Words

“We started the #eatmywords pop-up events to provide book lovers with a new way to enjoy their books; through tasting the food featured in fiction and non-fiction, as well as to interact with authors in an intimate environment.”
– Sarah Tan, Brand Director

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