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  • What I Ate, Zanzibar

What I Ate: Zanzibar, 2012

Andrew Gaul lands in Zanzibar and is introduced to a seafood feast that takes up an entire city block. His meal is curated by a "buyer" who appears with delicious delights from red snapper to skewers of octopus and calamari.

  • What I Ate, Switzerland

What I Ate: Switzerland, 1989

Tahnya recalls what she ate while studying in Switzerland in 1989. On the menu was les moules marinières, paper thin pizza with prosciutto and chilli oil, pain au chocolat, chicken salad and steak tartare.


  • Central

Feelings of Home With A Peruvian Cookbook

Reading Virgilio Martinez's cookbook "Central" transports the reader to Peru, and stirs up a curiosity for what it must feel to rediscover one's heritage through food.

  • Tiger Beer

Cooking Woks of Art

The Chinese cooking wok is an artistic instrument. You heat it up, put ingredients, bit by bit, swirl it around, toss the contents and the result is a dish with a distinct flavour referred to as wok hei (or "breath of the wok").




  • Cheryl Noronha

Welcome, Cheryl Noronha

Starting off the new year is a worthy addition to our operations team. Cheryl Noronha joins us in the capacity of Relationship Manager - looking after our Hosts, travel partners and corporate clients.

  • Ginger Slice

A Cure for Homesickness

I like to visit a memory; a visit to the warmth of my Grandmother's kitchen. The sweet smell of baking is a sure-fire way to ward off a bout of homesickness...


  • Field Notes, February

Decorating Trends for the New Year

We talk to our in-house stylist, Kara Butterfield, on what trends we will see more of in 2018 and what she'll be buying to spruce up her own home this year.

  • Field Notes by Kara Butterfield

Bring the Magic of Outdoor Dining Indoors

If you would rather dine indoors but live without a balcony or outdoor space you can still enjoy the feeling of dining outdoors with the help of different types of lighting.



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