Founder's Diary

From our dining table. Behind-the-scenes as we discover the world of food and travel.

Last week, we announced three NOSHtrekker designed itineraries available through Pacific World and hosted lunches and dinners with Australian chef Geoff Jansz in Singapore.
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Eat My Words

A dining experience that brings the work of fiction and non-fiction writers to the table.

We’re bringing the award-winning Malaysian novel ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’ to the table in Penang on November 22 with Chef Kim Hock Su of Restaurant Au Jardin. This fine dining experience is limited to 20 seats. Read more

Paws on Floors

Our first canine reporter River the Whippet takes us places, from Italy and beyond.

Our canine reporter River the Whippet stops for a spot of food shopping at a foodie’s haven, grabs a taste of gelato and steps into an easy, relaxing evening of flowers and jazz. Read more
Insider: Singapore
Where to go and what to do in Singapore, as recommended and designed by our team of culture fiends.

Jaguar Singapore, together with retail partner Wearnes Automotive and NOSHtrekker bring The Art of Performance to the streets of Singapore with New Zealand artist Evan Woodruffe.

  • Joo Chiat & Katong

    The must-see sights and must-try foods in Katong/Joo Chiat Singapore

  • Going High & Low In Bugis

    From ornate Art Deco bars to fortune telling parakeets in Singapore

What I Ate
A different kind of diary where we capture food memories from a time and a place in a person’s life.

In 1993, Eva Katz, Contributing Editor at Cook’s Country Magazine, went to Tel Aviv on a foodie mission: to experience as many Palestinian and Jewish Diaspora meals as humanly possible.
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Insider: Singapore

Ensure your next trip to Singapore is a Delicious Detour. Recommendations from local foodies.

When travelling to this part of the world, experiencing the food is every bit as important as experiencing the culture. Here are a few ways you can make the food experience central to your travel experience. Read more

Time-tested favourites from the kitchens of our Hosts and friends.

This recipe from John and Vicki Mauger’s collection makes a delicious and hearty homestyle dinner. Best made with quality lamb that is antibiotic and hormone-free. Read more
Field Notes

Decoration and entertaining tips from our in-style stylist, Kara Butterfield.

If you would rather dine indoors but live without a balcony or outdoor space you can still enjoy the feeling of dining outdoors with the help of different types of lighting. Read more
Tours & Itineraries

A behind-the-scenes look at the Delicious Detours offerred by our travel partners.

If we define snacks as any food eaten between main meals, then the list of snack food eaten in Singapore runs long. As a primer, here are five traditional snacks that every food lover should try in Singapore. Read more