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Travel the Straits archipelago, one course at a time

Suhardi & Carin

A former restaurateur, Suhardi began his culinary career in the kitchens of Perth, New York and Barcelona before settling in Singapore where he met his wife, Carin, who worked with Singapore Airlines. They are a party couple and after service and the formality of unpacking the origins and influences of each dish, they will join you at the table with stories of Chinese merchants who left their families to create great wealth, bicycle factories, hardships of hardened early trades a love of rugby thrown into the mix.


This experience is all about the food and is a great fit for diners looking for a minimalist atmosphere. The five-course menu designed by Suhardi is a lesson in food anthropology and tells a story of Chinese food that begins in China, and its evolution with migration across South East Asia to Singapore.

Each course is influenced by Suhardi’s Chinese roots and follows the trade winds across the Straits archipelago, featuring flavours from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. The final dish sums up this culinary journey with a little something from each of the selected countries.

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Suhardi and Carin’s home is contemporary landed property nestled in Jalan Ampang with views of interesting multi-generational homes that will no doubt pique conversation during the welcome drink served on the terrace.

Their home is spacious, minimal in décor, which allows guests to focus on the generous personalities of the Hosts and delicious food served.

The area around Jalan Ampang is a private, suburban area, landmarked with modern properties. In the vicinity are the green neighbourhood parks of Namly Park and Coronation Park, and the area is not far from the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

NOSHtrekker, State of Origin
NOSHtrekker, State of Origin

Interests: Culture
Location: Bukit Timah, Singapore
Time: Weekday and weekend evenings
Seating: 8 – 12 guests

Singapore, Penang and Malacca were part of the Straits Settlements, a group of territories established in 1824, and controlled by the British from 1867 to 1946.

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A contemporary Singapore home, warm, yet minimalist in decor,
where the spotlight is on what’s on the plate