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Extraordinary tastes, people and places exclusive to us, designed for you.

NOSHtrekker Signature Experiences set the bar for locals and travellers looking to engage with great food, unique venues and interesting people.
Only available through NOSHtrekker, our Hosts have opened up their homes and kitchens to our Guests for brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails.
All Signature Experiences are accompanied by access to our storytelling portal.

Treasures at Twilight

An evening of Peranakan hors d’oeuvres, accompanied by signature old spice cocktails and live music.

Plantation Table

Go back to the days of the Empire, with a special menu tailored for rich storytelling.

Masala Mistress

As colourful as yellow turmeric, red chilli powder, green cardmom and rich orange saffron.

Nostalgic Phoenix

A Peranakan meal cooked using specific traditional methods and consideration held by the Nyonyas.

Tea Culture

An elegant Teochew experience featuring recipes passed down from generations.

Signature Experiences, Monk's Hill

A sophisticated, contemporary expatriate food experience, hosted in a historic location.

Grand Feast Sorceress

A unique cultural experience that introduces intense flavours and a new perspective to ‘sharing a meal.’

GastroGeography of Singapore

An artistic and informative experience that transports local flora from branch to table.

Falling Into Fuchsia

A modern venue for cocktails and canapés that put sensitive palates on the red carpet.

State of Origin

Travel the Straits archipelago, one course at a time within this minimalist, contemporary venue

Signature Experience, Bar Seraya

Taste the story of a modern Singapore family in a venue purpose-built for group dining and entertainment.


Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell

To make your NOSHtrekker experience even more memorable, we provide all participants on our Signature and Culinary PRO experiences access to our storytelling portal. Get more backstory about your Host, the food you’ll be eating and modern and history culture. Accessible online and on mobile.

Storytelling Portal