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An expatriate food experience that has all the charm of history
and elegance of modernity.

NOSHtrekker Host, Heather

Heather is an Australian-Armenian expatriate who has lived in Singapore for over 25 years. Elegant and striking, she is a woman in her power, having started a successful catering company, which she continues to oversee and manage. Charmingly shy and soft-spoken, an experience with Heather is a sophisticated, yet intimate, affair.


The food served at Heather’s table can only be described as Armenian-European cuisine with an Asian twist. The menu reflects her multicultural background and is anchored by her sharp attention to detail and years of catering experience.

This is a fine dining experience. Sip a glass of champagne and luxuriate in the grace of Heather’s beautifully decorated terrace home. You will be eating amongst modern décor that is fit for the pages of a global magazine.

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Newton Circus is an oasis of residential greenery nestled behind the busy shopping district of Orchard Road. The neighbourhood retains a laid-back, sleepy charm of years gone by and holds a surprising history. In the early 1800s, the area was a nutmeg plantation before becoming home to colonial armed forces.

The double-storey black-and-white terrace houses on this street were built in the 1950s to house civil servants. The area was home to many schools and food vendors on the street were a common sight. Around the corner is the Newton Food Centre, where you’ll find more than 50 species of flora planted in the area.

Signature Experiences, Monk's Hill
NOSHtrekker, Signature Experience, Monk's Hill

Interests: Heritage, Culture
Location: Newton Circus, Singapore

The flexibility of this location makes it perfect for private corporate meetings and dinners. It is also our choice location for showcasing Singapore’s artistic talent, like authors, poets and musicians.

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This contemporary Singapore experience can host cocktail parties and full-serviced dinners.