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Enjoy a straight up Kerala-style brunch or indulge in a multi-course dinner by a seasoned restaurateur


Dhershini is best known as the creator of dishes influenced by the food culture diaspora of Singapore. Her creations are uniquely imaginative, yet they retain their distinctly Indian flavours. A cookbook author, former restaurateur and culinary ambassador for the Singapore Tourism Board, she has brought excitement and dynamism to the culinary scene through participating in numerous national and international food showcase events.


Join Dhershini for a Kerala style brunch, or learn how to make it with her in the kitchen. With a pinch of the Masala Mistress’ wisdom, simple and quick recipes turn traditional dosai and uppuma recipes on their head. Get involved in grinding up spice for the pickle and practicing the tea art of Teh Tarik.

On the menu you may find curry leaf uppuma with bananas, dosas with green coconut chutney, masala dosa with red coconut chutney, tender chicken korma or the real prize appams and coconut milk. It is a hearty Kerala meal, served the old fashioned way. You will be encouraged to eat barehands.

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Dhershini’s spacious and airy home is situated on a quiet street in the Eastern suburb of Pasir Ris. After many years of living across Singapore, fond memories of the community eventually drew her back to this neighborhood of her childhood.

Make the most of this experience in Pasir Ris by exploring one of Singapore’s most beautiful parklands. The nearby Pasir Ris Park is a six-hectre mangrove forest with bird watching facilities. The beach is 100 meters away, and you can rent a bicycle at one of the kiosks and work off your brunch while taking in the views and exploring this up and coming Singapore suburb in the far East.

Masala Mistress
Masala Mistress

Interests: Heritage, Culture
Location: Pasir Ris, Singapore
Time: Brunch or Dinner

Ask Dhershini about Teh Tarik, and ‘pulling’ as its known, over 400 glasses of Singapore’s frothy milk tea of choice, a concoction from post-World War II Malaya by Indian-Muslim migrants.

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