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A unique cultural experience that introduces intense flavours and a new perspective to ‘sharing a meal’


Ruqxana grew up in one of Singapore’s few Bohra families – an Indian-Muslim group known for their gender equality and food migration from Yemen and East Africa into the cities of Pakistan and India. To our table she brings experience in event management, running a cake decorating business and teaching others how to retool old family recipes and food service customs.


Guests fold up onto a comfortable cushion and dine around the thaal platter. It begins by passing the salt to cleanse the palate. The Bohra believes it auspicious to begin the meal with a sweet dish. A meat starter follows and gives way to another dessert chased with a biriyani or lentil curry then another round of dessert and then the service goes back to the beginning again and again. Continued with dry fruits and betel leaves before the closing lick of salt.

Even with 7 courses, there is a no-wastage pledge.

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Ruqxana’s home in the neighbourhood of Siglap is warm and inviting. Move past the front gate and you’ll meet her iconic Volkswagen Beetle parked in the driveway. The open front porch is shaded with trees and garden plants, and is an area to get acquainted, dine and relax. The interior is festooned with art and collectables from across Singapore’s cultures.

Grand Feast Socceress
Grand Feast Socceress

Interests: Heritage, Culture, Arts
Location: Siglap, Singapore
Time: Weekday and weekend evenings

Ruqxana’s fascination with food started in the 1970’s when she carefully removed the labels wrapped around tins of Carnation Milk in pursuit of the recipes. All that tin examination could also explain her reason for becoming an engineer – and her curiosity for filling and seaming machines.

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This is a relaxed event with communal eating as its focus.
Complement with music and wine and for festive evening.