Culinary PRO

Add a cooking demonstration, class or educational tasting session to your dining experience. Inquire about the Culinary PRO options offered by our Hosts below.

NOSHtrekker, Culinary PRO

Plantation Table

Singapore – Market visits, demonstrations and hands-on activities with an author, playwright and environmentalist

NOSHtrekker, Culinary PRO

Masala Mistress

Singapore – Market visits, demonstrations and hands-on activities with a former restaurateur and cookbook author

NOSHtrekker, Culinary PRO

Grand Feast Sorceress

Singapore – Cooking classes, demonstrations and hands-on activities with an accomplished food educator

NOSHtrekker, Culinary PRO

Farm Food

Singapore – Farm visits, hands-on cooking and demonstration (with partner Hosts) with an expert in local farming

NOSHtrekker, Culinary PRO

Alessandra Gennaro

Singapore – Educational tasting sessions with a food anthropologist, Italian cookbook author and food blogger

NOSHtrekker, Culinary PRO, Geoff Jansz

Geoff Jansz

Australia – Cooking classes and fine food itineraries with a chef, food producer, cookbook author and former restaurateur

What's Included

Though each NOSHtrekker experience is unique, they all share the same values. If you are considering a Culinary PRO experiences for the first time, here is what you can expect.

Seasoned Local Cooks

Your hands-on cooking experience will be led by a seasoned home cook, professional chef or restaurateur.

Food & Beverage

All cooking experiences include a meal and beverages. Menus are curated by each Host based on seasonal ingredients.


Recreate what you've learnt in your own kitchen. Take home a selection of recipes from your Host's collection.

Service & Gratuities

Prices quoted are inclusive of fees covering additional kitchen and service staff where required.