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Italian food anthropologist, food blogger & cookbook author

Alessandra Gennaro

Alessandra Gennaro is a food anthropologist, well-known Italian food blogger, co-founder of the Italian Food Blogger Association and one of the best-selling cookbook authors in Italy. Her passion lies in the exquisite regional cuisine of Italy, endeavouring to educate others about the exceptional quality and long history of local Italian food and wine, as well as supporting artisanal producers who pursue authenticity and respect for the environment.


Alessandra has published 8 cookbooks and writes regularly about Italian food and eno-gastronomic culture. She founded the Italian food website MT Challenge, a food challenge community involving more than 200 Italian food bloggers worldwide, and has featured such culinary luminaries like Paul Bocuse, Lidia Bastianich, Michel Roux Sr. and Massimo Bottura on the blog.

The purpose of Alessandra’s Viaggio in Italia experiences is to raise awareness around the true exclusivity of Italian heritage through a series of gastronomic and sensory moments that go beyond food. Time with Alessandra will give travellers a greater understanding of Italian culture, way of living, their long and rich history, and significant contributions to industries like art and fashion.

Italian Experiences


In addition to her passion for Italian food, wine and culture, Alessandra is a Magistral Doctor in Classic Literature (Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek) and was the first woman in Italy to be an Ecclesiastic Judge for the Vatican, a position she held for 15 years. She has also taught at the University of Theology, Genoa and the University of Medicine, Legal Medicine Department, Genoa.


Singapore – Being able to taste regional Italian products is a rare experience in Italy, let alone outside Italian borders. In this exclusive pre-trip experience, guests will enjoy food pairings with wines, spirits and other products, sometimes even crossing the paths of products from different regions of Italy and the world. In addition to being guided along this sensory path, Alessandra will explain the history, production process, origins and ingredients in each course. Every tasting is focused on artisanal products available in strictly limited quantities. One for the discerning traveller.


Get the most out of your future travels to Italy by learning about Italian food,
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