Frequently Asked Questions

Dining Info

What to expect from in-home and venue specific dining.

Partner Tours

How our partner tours are booked and processed.


Making things clear is one way we build trust and transparency.

Dining Info

Our online booking inquiry system requires a minimum 72-hour advance notice period. Guests are welcome to inquire about short-notice availability through our Contact Form

For large groups, we receive reservations up to 12-months in advance, and require a 50% deposit on the full reservation amount. If the event is cancelled, standard group cancellation policy applies.

Guests are responsible for informing us of medical food allergies at time of reservation.

While we will try to accommodate these requirements as much as possible, many ethnic foods cannot have their recipe altered to maintain their authenticity. In this case, guests will be informed of the ingredients in each dish.

If a guest has a considerable number of food allergies, we have Hosts who specialize in such food preparation. Please request with our Concierge Team.

Our retail experiences are not designed for babies or young children. However, we are able to design specific family-friendly experiences upon request.

Guests are responsible for organising their own transport at the end of the food experience. 

If a taxi is required, we advice guests to notify their Hosts upon arrival so that booking arrangements can be made. All transport costs incurred are the responsibility of the guest unless otherwise specified.

A dress code, where required, will be outlined in your experience information document. 

As a standard, we request all guests to dress appropriately for the weather and modestly as a sign of respect for your Hosts and their families.

NOSHtrekker receives payments via PayPal or bank transfer. Note that our retail costs do not incorporate PayPal transaction and customers will incur additional charge for PayPal processing.

Partner Tours

NOSHtrekker is not a travel agent. The selection of Delicious Detours we offer on our website have been designed with some of the best local tour guides and are offered exclusively through reputable travel agencies.

Our current tour partners in Singapore are Pacific World, Ensemble Tours and The Witty Guide.

Your tour inquiry is forwarded to the organising tour partner, who will be in touch with you about your booking. 

All logistics and payments made by guests are directly handled by our tour partners.

Our selection of Delicious Detours incorporate NOSHtrekker Hosts and food experiences. They can only be booked via our tour partners and through our website.


Please refer to Terms & Conditions for more detailed information

  • Cancellation more than 48 hours from booking: If a reservation is cancelled by a customer at least 48 hours prior to the applicable food experience,  the customer will be reimbursed the full reservation amount net any commissions and fees paid by NOSHtrekker (e.g. PayPal transaction fees).
  • Cancellation within 48 hours of booking: If a reservation is cancelled by a customer less than 48 hours before the applicable food experience, the customer shall not be entitled to any return, credit or reimbursement.
  • A reservation is deemed cancelled only upon receipt of confirmation of your cancellation. NOSHtrekker will confirm this receipt via email.
  • NOSHtrekker reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time upon returning a full refund of the reservation amount to the customer.
  • NOSHtrekker shall not bear any liability for any cost, expense, loss or damage that you may suffer or incur as a result of a Host’s or customer cancellation of a reservation.

A large group is any group of more than 20 persons. These rates apply to both standard and advanced notice bookings.

  • 21 days or more advance notice (100% refund)
  • 20 days advance notice (70% refund)
  • 14 days advance notice (50% refund)
  • No refund will be given for group cancellations made thereafter (13 days or less)