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NOSHtrekker, Vintage Culinary Treasures

Jasmine is a vivacious woman, with an infectious zeal for traditional baking, life and learning. An international upbringing has ignited a lifelong passion in her for Southeast Asia, in particular, its food culture. Despite having retired from her profession as a lawyer, she has gone on to pursue her passion for the region, earning a master’s degree in Southeast Asian studies from the National University of Singapore. Also a licensed tourist guide, Jasmine is also deeply passionate about Singapore and knows all about the best-kept secrets and stories of this little island that she is only too happy to share.


With a specialisation in Southeast Asian food cultures and practices, Jasmine is deeply interested in researching and documenting perishable Asian cooking artefacts – traditional wooden moulds for cakes and kuehs. She owns an impressive collection of wooden moulds collected from all over the region and makes it available for private viewing. During this pop-up event, guests taste and learn the origins and local adaptations of the various delights made using these intricate hand-crafted moulds.


Morning or Afternoon Tea


Expect to be served all sorts of steamed cakes, both savoury and sweet. The cakes span a range of cuisines from Eurasian, Chinese to Malay, all made with the respective moulds from their culture. Savoury glutinous rice cakes and crystal dumplings served alongside celebratory pastries and teatime treats, from sweet almond biscuits to colourful steamed cakes.


Jasmine lives in a beautiful home that blends professional architectural design with the art from her artist husband. She lives along Hertford Road, a quiet and charming landed estate close to Little India.

SG$72/starting pp
Singapore 2.5 Hours 4 - 6 persons MT, AT

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