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Elegance and beauty set this food experience apart

  • Bedok, Singapore
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Patsy and her sister host this delicate Teochew tea experience that recalls their family traditions. Welcoming you to their home is a chance for them to reconnect with their heritage and preserve the food culture of their ancestry.


This food experience begins with a tea service in Patsy’s tea salon. She greets you, ever so poised, both sisters dressed for the part. Tea starts with something sweet before they guide you through a world of delicate flavours. Each serving of tea is matched with a Teochew food and family story. It is like watching a ballet; elegance and detail are what sets this experience apart, and the entire performance is so graceful even a herbal egg is made dainty and playful. Guests move from the tea salon, where you participate in a hands-on popiah-making, and learn what it was like to grow up in a Teochew family. Be ready for stories that are worthy of a family fable.


This food experience is a tribute to Patsy’s parents and their cooking traditions. The Teochew dishes shared in this experience have been passed down through three generations. They will serve recipes once cooked by their grandmother, and recreate flavours that have never been written down or recorded.


Afternoon Tea, Dinner


This food experience is hosted in the area of Bedok within a Singapore link house that’s been transformed to bring together Peranakan and colonial design elements. This house has an elevator for those who would rather not take the stairs. Bedok is a residential area located in East Singapore. It is one of the largest planning areas in the country and contains a mix of public and private housing in eight zones. The area even has its own resevoir with a surrounding park.

Signature Experience Singapore 2.5 Hours 2-6 persons AT, D

Taste the delicate flavours of Teochew cuisine

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