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Delicious Detours

The stories of our Hosts woven into topical Singapore itineraries

For the past 6 months, we’ve been looking for ways to integrate our food experiences into topical itineraries that give context to our mission of delivering “an authentic taste of a place.” So we’re incredibly excited to announce that from Q2/2018, travellers to Singapore will be able to go on Delicious Detours, a selection of co-designed itineraries that we offer through the destination management company, Pacific World. The official announcement is below, with itineraries published soon.

Pacific World Partners with Food Experience Company NOSHtrekker to Enhance Destination Experiences and Connections

The partnership offers participants locals-only access to exclusive destination experiences and local cuisine

Pacific World – one of the world’s leading global destination and event management companies – is delighted to announce a new partnership with NOSHtrekker, a cultural food experience company that connects cultures and people through local cuisine and storytelling. With the partnership, Pacific World and NOSHtrekker will offer exclusively designed itineraries for incentives and events that will feature the most unique destination experiences to fully engage and captivate guests.

As creative experts at the forefront of global event planning, Pacific World strives for emotional engagement when choosing venues and creating experiences in order to drive more successful outcomes and has consistently curated new locations and world-class events that deliver exceptional results.

“Pacific World and NOSHtrekker share a common vision to give people a fresh perspective of a destination, one that creates emotional and long-lasting connections through meaningful moments,” said Selina Chavry, Global Managing Director at Pacific World. “Our partnership with NOSHtrekker creates a wholly unique product for incentives and events to discover a place through the eyes and tastes of locals.”

“Our clients are craving unique, immersive experiences where they can engage with the destination’s culture and traditions. We align the location and experience with our client’s goals – and devise events that engage attendees on many levels, creating an unforgettable experience of a lifetime that bonds the guests,” added Selina.

“We are changing the way people travel by creating memories based on connecting cultures through delicious, authentic food prepared and served by locals with a story to tell,” Tahnya Butterfield, co-founder and Chief Experience Designer at NOSHtrekker. “Our curated food experiences are rich in quality and culture, and offer an intimate look into the lives of the people who make a country. We appreciate Pacific World’s passion for creating meaningful and captivating experiences – and think this is the perfect partnership.”

Founded in 2015 and currently available in Singapore and New South Wales, Australia, NOSHtrekker creates unique and authentic food memories in the homes of locals – NOSH Hosts. The homes are destinations in themselves, offering an intimate look into the local culture through delicious home-cooked food and engaging storytelling.

The new partnership brings Pacific World and NOSHtrekker together to develop unique itineraries for events and incentives that focus on four areas of interest: heritage, arts, culture and wellness. Participants will immerse themselves in topics like culture, architecture, or sustainability, meet locals with interesting stories to tell and taste food that helps to tell the story. Pacific World and NOSHtrekker will work closely with groups to design a curated experience that is tailored to the specific needs of travellers, and participants of meetings and conventions.

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