What I Ate: Switzerland, 1989

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What I Ate, Switzerland

Studying in Montreux, my food memories include les moules marinières, paper thin pizza with prosciutto and chilli oil (only after midnight and after a night on the tiles), pain au chocolat for breakfast, chicken salad at Harry’s Bar (I think it’s now called Funky Claude’s Bar, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) and steak tartare at Montreux Palace (they were also good for bircher muesli).

With my friend Shauntelle, I ate cheese fondue, shared Coupe Dänemark (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce), tucked into homemade pasta with chanterelles and morels, and during summer by the lake, filet de perche. I drank white wine from Canton de Vaud and Shauntelle drank beer.

There was a kebab shop known as the “Mosque on Lac Léman” and a creperie in Lausanne at the edge of the lake, which served the perfect snack after a day of waterskiing.

Geneva was home to the first l’entrecôte and it is here that I learned how steak-frites should taste. And of course there were the tuna rolls, and I would order coffee just for the Lindt chocolate square served on the spoon.

I wonder if they still do that…

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