3 Nightcaps to Mix Before Bedtime

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Nightcap Drinks

A ritual with rules

Scientists say that drinking before bed can interfere with REM sleep (and therefore metaphorically “destroy your dreams”), which we are sure is not what any of us, including Queen Elizabeth, intends to do when we swirl a glass of top-shelf whiskey, cognac, cream-based liqueur such as Irish Cream, or in the case of Her Majesty, a glass of champagne, before we turn in for the night. Rather, for nightcap aficionados, a drink before bed is a ritual that marks the end of the day.

Like many rituals, there are “rules” to be followed. Nightcaps should be one drink and not more of whatever you are already drinking. It should be brown, warming and be the full-stop to the end of a night. It is not a shot, chilled or served in a cocktail glass. However, rebellious as we are, there is no shame in breaking these rules on occasion. The recipe for Brandy Alexander below wouldn’t make it on the list if we only followed the straight and narrow.

But not all nightcaps need to be alcoholic. If we think of them as any drink that might induce sleep, let us not forget the somnambulic elixirs of our childhood like Horlicks, Ovaltine and Milo. Many a mother will testify that malt is a great friend of The Sandman. In our opinion, any beverage that brings relaxation to the body and mind is considered a viable option in this category. We have selected three nightcaps (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) serve before bedtime.

Whatever your choice is, any beverage that brings relaxation to the body and mind should be considered a viable option in this category. Below, you’ll find our pick of three nightcaps (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to drink before bedtime. We will be a stickler for one rule though and ask that you limit yourself to one glass before your head hits the pillow. Remember to drink responsibly.

Brandy Alexander

Get the recipe and read the backstory of this drink of cognac or brandy, dark crème de cacao and cream, garnished with grated nutmeg. (liquor.com)

A ‘Not’ Hot Toddy

Elevate your favorite tea with spices and some lemon juice. (thespruce.com)

Not Hot Toddy

Image courtesy of The Spruce

Three Sheets Cocktail

Forget that the recipe is from a mattress company (though since they are experts on sleep their nightcaps should deliver) and savour the mix of bourbon, Campari and sweet vermouth, garnished with an orange twist. (casper.com)