Fabulous Fluffy Friands

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Friand, Recipe

Delicious friand recipes to elevate your afternoon tea service

Ah, friands. Can we describe you as taking up a small space but delivering big on taste? You resemble a French financier but are more commonly found in cafes, restaurants and bakeries in the Antipodes. Trust those Australians and New Zealanders to transform a petite almond cake originally made by Visitandine nuns and shaped like bars of gold into a casual afternoon or evening snack.

Raspberry and Lemon Delight – Donna Hay

Raspberry and Lemon Delight

“More delectable than a muffin, less pedestrian than a cupcake-perfect with coffee or tea!”

Recipe by Donna Hay
Friand Recipe, Nadia Lim

Gluten-free Almond and Coconut Goodness

“My friands are completely gluten free and sugar-free too by using honey instead of sugar.”

Recipe by Nadia Lim
Chocolate Hazelnut Friands

Chocolate and Hazelnut is a Marriage Made in Heaven

“These delicious friands are a chocoholic’s dream come true!”

Recipe by Wendy Brodhurst
Lime and Mint Friands with Mojito Buttercream

Lime and Mint Friands topped with Mojito Buttercream

“I went for mojito flavour because mojitos just ARE summer.”

Recipe by Swim.Bike.Bake
Cherry Contentment, Foodiful

Cherry Contentment

“These mini cherry friends are perfectly portioned for when you’re after a little baked good – and they taste cafe made!”

Recipe by Foodiful

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