Field-to-Table Dining at WILD Native Feast

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Imagine eating under the wide expanse of sky, away from the noisy bustle of daily life. There’s the light sound of the best cutlery tapping on fine china, the clinking of Champagne glasses and the gentle buzz of the wild outdoors. This is after you’ve demolished a delicious menu designed by one of the best in the restaurant industry.

For urban dwellers, this fantasy has maybe crossed your mind but you’ve filed it away as a mere daydream. Well, daydream no longer NOSHtrekkers. On 28 October, you can participate in the tantalising 7-course outdoor dining experience that is WILD Native Feast; just one highlight of WILDfest, a three-day glamping experience in the great Australian outdoors.

We speak to Amanda Fry, founder of WILDfest, about bringing luxury service and dining into the wilderness, and what you can expect at WILD Native Feast.

WILDfest will take place in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia from 27 – 29 October 2017. WILD Native Feast (28 October) is AU$295.00 incl. GST per person and is limited to 250 seats. 100 seats are allocated to participants of WILDfest and 150 seats are ticketed to the public. If you are interested in experiencing WILDfest or reserving a seat at the table, contact Remember to mention the code #NTGONATIVE.

What inspired you to create WILDfest and introduce the dining extension that is WILD Native Feast?

It started with wanting to get people to connect with nature, and to do that you have to be amongst it. Hosting the event in Joadja Old Town in the Southern Highlands gave us that and also presented some incredible history.

The Feast element evolved from wanting to include not only local produce but some wild food found locally. It then just made sense for that to be a feast rather than a degustation.


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What can food lovers expect to experience at WILD Native Feast?

‘Organic,’ ‘grass-fed’ and ‘hand-picked’, once considered rare, are now part of the farm-to-table movement that has gained popularity. It is very strong among food producers in the Southern Highlands. The new frontier is now ‘field-to-table’ that was pioneered in Scandinavia by restaurants like noma and elevates ingredients found in the wild to a new level.

Wild Native Feast is a combination of both: award-winning local produce partnered with freshly foraged delights, harvested from the best Mother Nature has to offer. This brings a new sense of creativity, authenticity and quality to our menu like never before. And our sommelier has matched each course to local award-winning cool-climate wines.

Mix this with the unique location an old mining town, fancy dress of top and tails and tiara and gloves, paddock dining, live music…. the concept is new, fresh and I would advise guests to expect the unexpected.


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