Aroma Food & Fragrant Beverages: The Creation of O’Drink

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In 1990, after an extensive career as an international communicator and special events expert, Christiane de Bièvre became a consultant for the renowned French doctor Jean Valnet, a surgeon and founder of Contemporary Aromatherapy.

Her task, over a period of two years, was to re-introduce Dr. Valnet’s home pharmacy containing twenty-four pure medicinal essential oils into public awareness. At the time, you could find these essential oils in most grandmother’s medicine cabinets. In the 1950’s, it was popular to try and avoid the antibiotics being introduced by powerful pharmaceutical companies, but natural medicine was not as mainstream as it is today, and the use of pure essences remained a relative niche approach to health and wellness until the 1990’s.

Having familiarised herself with Dr. Valnet’s work, Christiane was determined to apply her new-found knowledge to her daily life by using pure therapeutic essential oils in culinary recipes. Today, she is convinced that these oils are the key ingredients for introducing aroma and taste into food, as well delivering powerful antiseptic qualities.

Christiane has persevered in the use of these precious essences in her culinary dishes and has even ventured into exploring their use in her drink recipes. As a result, after years of aromatic recipe trials, Christiane has created O’Drink™ – an ultra-pure choice of extracts and essences which can be drunk from dawn until dusk from as young as 6 to 99 years of age.


The ‘O’ in O’Drink™

Unlike most soft drinks, O’Drink™ contains zero (0) added sugar, zero (0) salt, zero (0) chemicals, and last but not least, next to zero (0) calories. More importantly, this natural concoction is compatible with alcohol and is a great companion for non-alcohol drinkers and for all those who wish to reduce alcohol consumption for various health, beauty and/or drink-driving reasons.

Christiane’s aim is to succeed in creating a new cultural awareness in a unique way that would appeal to both young (and not so young) party-goers encouraging them to drink responsibly, whilst having a great time among friends and family.

For those interested in trying O’Drink™, Christiane is currently exploring commercial production to make her creation available to a wider market. Until then, you just have to try it in the Southern Highlands.

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