Delicious Paint: Tracey Fletcher King

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One of the joys of Instagram lies in the opportunity to get a glimpse into someone else’s world; approximately 400 million “someone else’s” if you count the number of people who use Instagram daily. How many times have you scrolled through the steady stream of pictures on your phone and thought: “Gee, that looks delicious/amazing/wonderful/fun/*place adjective here*.”

I think at NOSHtrekker we can timesheet taking a moment to browse Instagram under “work” because it gives us insight into how people travel, where they’re going and, of particular interest to us, what they’ve eaten. It also presents bursts of inspiration and gives us the chance to admire the skills of others we might normally never come across in the course of our day.

This is exactly how we discovered the illustrator Tracey Fletcher King. Based in Queensland, Australia, it was Tracey’s renderings of blue china, fruits, flowers and food in all forms – fresh and packaged – on Instagram (@traceyfletcherking) that made us think that she’s an artist for our community to love. Just look at her pictures of lemons and limes, baking, tea time and the Australian kitchen staple of Golden Syrup!

You can purchase Tracey’s work online, but if you want to learn to do it yourself she also offers Delicious Paint and Lino Print classes online.


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