Tropical Courage Vodka Infusion

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Tropical Vodka Infusion

1 750ml bottle vodka
1-inch slice of fresh turmeric
1/4 fresh pineapple, cut into chunks
2 passionfruits, juice and seeds
Tiger’s Eye crystals (optional)

calamansi juice or lemonade to serve

A vodka infusion to bring out the tropics, with the optional ingredient of a dose of courage. This recipe needs to be made 7-days in advance.

  1. Add the vodka, turmeric, fresh pineapple and passion fruit into a jar. I like to add crystals to my infusions, so I chose Tiger’s Eye which is yellowish-brown in colour for courage.
  2. Let this sit in an air tight jar for at least seven days. Make sure you check your infusion regularly and open the jar to release any air.
  3. If fruits turn colour, or if the solution starts looking murky, remove the fruits immediately and filter it using a cloth coffee filter .
  4. Serve really cold with calamansi juice and some sparkling lemonade .

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