A Style for All Seasons

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Looking through the pictures from our contributing NOSH Hosts on the subject of table settings, two things become apparent. First, that setting a table is as much an artistic skill as painting a canvas, and second, that the trademark of our community’s diversity is in their own distinctive style.

This month’s Expert Feature thanks GastroGeography of Singapore, Christiane de Bievre and Indra Rani Iswaran for sharing examples of their beautiful creations. Be inspired to create a work of art to complement your next meal.


GastroGeography of Singapore (GOS) is an art collective comprised of Lita Nithiyanandan and Steve Chua. They Host the GOS signature experience at NOSHtrekker and bring the flora of Singapore to the table in creative and innovative ways.

GOS treasures the diversity of local tropical rainforests, while at the same time, they also admire the culinary aspiration of modern cuisine. Therefore, they have decided to combine elements such as fresh produce, stem cuttings, dried leaves, glass, ceramic, porcelain and wood in their table settings. It is a harmonious fuse between nature and modernity and aligns with their vision to present a highly experimental and sensory food experience.


Christiane de Bievre is a master at creating sensorial experiences. During her illustrious career in events, she has organised parties for the Sydney Garden Festival and designed launch events for luxury brands like Hermès. She now entertains guests through NOSHtrekker and hosts the Scented Edibles pop-up in Australia.

In 2007, Christiane and her husband, Francisco, left Sydney to retire in the historic village of Berrima in the Southern Highlands. After a couple of months, with plenty of time to spare, she came across Colourscapes, an antique boutique in Berrima selling eclectic decorative objects, including the world famous handcrafted masks used during the Carnevale di Venezia, which is an annual festival held in Venice. Inspired, Christiane decided to host a Carnevale di Venezia dinner at her home, using those very masks as centrepieces.


Indra Rani Iswaran is an author, playwright and environmentalist, with a fierce passion for the arts. As a Signature NOSHtrekker Host, she brings to her guests a flair for food and the arts, and sets the bar high for creating exquisite and intimate experiences. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Indra’s home in Singapore, you’ll know the settings featured on this page are just the beginning.

The recent solemnisation of Indra’s niece was inspiration for this exotic setting as a gift to the bridal couple. Given carte blanche, our vivacious Host decided to put the whole theme together by organising a ‘Grand Elephant Parade’ as it was in the old times at the royal households of yester years. The venue’s colours posed a challenge to the overall theme and the cards – in coral, gold and cream – had been already ordered by the young couple. Never intimidated by a design challenge, the addition of lime green for the show plates seemed like just the thing to bring it all to life.