Discovering the Southern Highlands, New South Wales

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Highland Farms, Southern Highlands

Journey through the vibrant food landscape of this beautiful region

Over the past few months, I’ve made my way to the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia, more than once. What draws me to this region again and again? It is a spectacular and abundant place. With rich soils and dynamic climate, it is home to a multitude of artisan producers who supply the network of people who love to cook with quality local food. Our Southern Highland experiences are a journey through the vibrant food landscape of this beautiful region.

If you plan to visit NSW, I’d strongly recommend you consider including the Southern Highlands to your travel itinerary. Why make the detour from Sydney, Canberra or Wollongong? If the charming surroundings, tour-worthy private gardens, vivacious residents, and inspirational local enterprise aren’t enough to lure you, then the food surely will.

I hope we get a chance to introduce you to the hidden treasures we’ve found in this part of the world soon.

Embellish Design Market Days

Embellish Design Market Days are held on the last Saturday of the month in a private parterre garden. Collections of handpicked artisans; display for sale curated vintage fashion, arrangements of whimsical and native floral bouquets, exquisite table and bed linen, tarted-up tarts and pantry goodies. Once the shopping is done linger in one of the summer houses and enjoy delicate cream and jam scones with a cup of tea served in dainty china.

Wine Lovers:
St. Maur Wine
238 Old Argyle Rd
Exeter NSW 2579

St. Maur Wines

St Maur Wines, is a single estate producing small batches. Since planting, St Maur’s philosophy of making luxury wine in harmony with the environment begins in the soil of the 16 acre vineyard, where Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot vines are farmed in a sustainable program of natural cultivation that result in healthier vines. Visit the cellar door and discover why their wines have gained popularity with top Australia Sommeliers.


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