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Why add an in-home dining experience to your travel itinerary?
Why book a seat at a stranger’s table in your city?


At NOSHtrekker it is all about familiarity without formality. Our Hosts are selected because they have a story to tell and have particular expertise that is linked to food. They are the kind of people you’d be happy to fall in conversation with and people who wouldn’t think twice about inviting a friend home for a meal. Our NOSH Hosts are people who will give you a peek into what life is really like for the broad spectrum of people living in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei and South Africa; giving you the inside look into daily life you’ll never experience anywhere else.


The top concerns among travellers who are presented with the opportunity to participate in in-home dining experiences are health and safety. How do you know that food is prepared in a hygienic way? All of our Hosts undergo a vigorous vetting and testing process. And we do it again and again, even though they might have been NOSH Hosts for weeks or months. Many of our Hosts have years of experience in the food industry or come from a professional cooking or catering background. One of our goals in the future is to have every Host certified to give you peace of mind.

We also don’t stop in the kitchen. Our team run regular in-home visits and unleash “mystery shoppers” to ensure that the atmosphere of each home and its surroundings reflect our standard of NOSHtrekker experience, be it Signature, Culinary PRO or Pop-Up Event. NOSHtrekker is also covered by insurance that extends to the events that we organise.


Remember that you are in someone’s home and our NOSH Hosts have taken a risk and allowed you a peek into their private lives. Please respect their personal space and belongings. If you do have an issue with the environment, the food or with any one of our Hosts, we encourage you to contact us via email, WhatsApp or call the number provided to you when you confirmed your attendance.


If you have any questions about being a NOSHtrekker and participating in one of our food experiences, contact our team at