NOSHtrekker, Singapore, Crazy Rich Asians

How to Host a Crazy Rich Asians Party

“Crazy Rich Asians” is the movie on everyone’s lips for its contribution to diversity in film and entertainment. In celebration of its launch, we hosted a Crazy Rich Asians party on July 13. … Read More

NOSHtrekker, Artemis Wines, Southern Highlands

Supporting Southern Highlands Producers

The menu for this festival highlights some of the best regional produce from the region grown and nurtured by people we know. Follow us as we share their stories throughout the festival. … Read More

NOSHtrekker, Bangkok, Issaya

Bangkok Dining: 3 Places Too Add to Your Food Itinerary

As we get ready to open in Bangkok in 2019, our friend, Peta from Seed & Tell opens her book of recommendations and shares with us three restaurants travellers to Bangkok should consider adding to their food itinerary. … Read More

NOSHtrekker, Recipe, Minty Lamb Shanks

Vicki’s Minty Lamb Shanks

This recipe from John and Vicki Mauger’s collection makes a delicious and hearty homestyle dinner. Best made with quality lamb that is antibiotic and hormone-free. … Read More

Southern Highlands, Teena Crooks, Fullerton Hotel

Flavours of Australia’s Southern Highlands at The Fullerton Hotel

NOSHtrekker, in partnership with The Fullerton Hotel, is bringing a taste of Australia’s Southern Highlands to Singapore over a 10-day festival of food and wine. … Read More