NOSHtrekker, Recipes, Singapore Day

Singapore Day Recipes

A collection of recipes from our cooking demonstrations and masterclasses in Russia during Singapore Day 2018. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Scrambled Eggs with Truffles

French Egg Brouillade With Truffles

Samantha from Robertson Truffles shares a recipe for a luxurious scrambled eggs that is pure decadence any time of day. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Singapore, Crazy Rich Asians

How to Host a Crazy Rich Asians Party

“Crazy Rich Asians” is the movie on everyone’s lips for its contribution to diversity in film and entertainment. In celebration of its launch, we hosted a Crazy Rich Asians party on July 13. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Artemis Wines, Southern Highlands

Supporting Southern Highlands Producers

The menu for this festival highlights some of the best regional produce from the region grown and nurtured by people we know. Follow us as we share their stories throughout the festival. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Bangkok, Issaya

Bangkok Dining: 3 Places Too Add to Your Food Itinerary

As we get ready to open in Bangkok in 2019, our friend, Peta from Seed & Tell opens her book of recommendations and shares with us three restaurants travellers to Bangkok should consider adding to their food itinerary. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Recipe, Minty Lamb Shanks

Vicki’s Minty Lamb Shanks

This recipe from John and Vicki Mauger’s collection makes a delicious and hearty homestyle dinner. Best made with quality lamb that is antibiotic and hormone-free. … Read More

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Southern Highlands, Teena Crooks, Fullerton Hotel

Flavours of Australia’s Southern Highlands at The Fullerton Hotel

NOSHtrekker, in partnership with The Fullerton Hotel, is bringing a taste of Australia’s Southern Highlands to Singapore over a 10-day festival of food and wine. … Read More

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Singapore, Snacks, Kacang Puteh

5 Traditional Snacks You Must Try in Singapore

If we define snacks as any food eaten between main meals, then the list of snack food eaten in Singapore runs long. As a primer, here are five traditional snacks that every food lover should try in Singapore. … Read More

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Singapore Books

8 Singapore Books to Give As Gifts

Sharing ideas and memories through collections of stories, anecdotes and recipes allows the taste of Singapore to linger long after a visitor has left our shores. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Jensen Chua, Photographer

On the Road with Jensen Chua

Jensen Chua is a Singaporean photographer and self-described “pixels predator” constantly on the prowl for the next stunning shot. We ask him about travel and how to take your next great holiday photograph. … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Florence, Italy

Mercato Centrale & Le Menagere with River the Whippet

Shop at Mercato Centrale and wind down with jazz at Le Ménagère River the WhippetRiver is NOSHtrekker’s first canine travel reporter. Living in Florence, Italy, he has his nose close to the ground and brings us a view of Italian … Read More

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NOSHtrekker, Southern Highlands, Bowral

Uncover One of Sydney’s Secret Getaways

Make your next holiday one of our food focused escapes for travellers to New South Wales via Sydney or Canberra Inbound travellers to Sydney and Canberra will now have access to exclusive food experiences available in Sydney’s Southern Highlands region, … Read More

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