About Us

What if you could get an authentic taste of a place in the form of food and edible stories filled with nostalgia, heritage and tradition?

NOSHtrekker curates delicious, memorable dining experiences that connect you with the fascinating people who make it and the personal, local stories they tell. We are guided by the joy of travel, the wisdom of learning and the freedom we imagine for the communities we serve. Whether it’s bare-hand eating or hot food and cool jazz, our vision is to connect adventurous NOSH Trekkers and passionate NOSH Hosts.

Our Difference

NOSHtrekker food experiences are about our Hosts and the stories they tell. By eating with us, our guests sign-up to discover places and cultures in an educational, hands-on and multi-sensory way. 

Where We Are

Join us in Singapore, Australia (New South Wales) and Brunei. Experiences available in Thailand in Q4 2018 and Italy and New Zealand for travel in 2019.

Our Team

We’re a small team, from different nationalities, backgrounds and expertise, dedicated to creating food experiences that surprise and delight people around the world.

NOSHtrekker, Tahnya Butterfield

Tahnya Butterfield
Co-founder & Chief Experience Designer

Tahnya is a co-founder at NOSHtrekker and works closely with our Hosts, affiliates and partners to ensure that NOSHtrekkers receive the best in-home dining food experience.


Sarah Tan
Co-founder & Brand Director

Maryann Anderson
Country Manager, Australia

Ivy Ong
Corporate Sales, Singapore

Kara Butterfield

German Oliver Hain

Our Partners

Corporate, Incentive & MICE

Pacific World

Niche Tours

Ensemble Tours

Advisory Board

NOSHtrekker, Board, El Kwang

El Kwang

Co-Owner & Chief Editorial Director Biz Events Asia

NOSHtrekker, Board, Nisha Mullatti

Nisha Mullati

Regional Sales Director
MCI Group

NOSHtrekker, Board, Drew Graham

Drew Graham

Fintech Strategy
Standard Chartered Bank

NOSHtrekker, Board, Selene Daswani

Selene Daswani

Product Partnerships Consultant

NOSHtrekker, Board, Tracie Button

Tracie Button


Our Community

We love our Hosts and are building a community of food and travel enthusiasts around them.