View From The Mount: Welcome to Great Golf, Fishing and Surf

Caleb Walsh is a Digital Designer at Cab Creative and an avid photographer, and someone who Sarah has known for many years.  Caleb lives in the picturesque region of Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, and when he made the move from Auckland, his Instagram account exploded with photos of a lifestyle many of us dream of behind our desks. In this article, he shares what makes ‘The Mount’ worth a visit.

Living on The Mount

The Mount (as the locals refer to it) has something for everyone.

Within a 10 minute drive, I can play 18 holes of golf on a perfectly manicured public golf course, surf or swim at one of New Zealand’s best surf beaches, see a movie, shop from over 30 boutique fashion and homeware stores, climb a mountain and get a 360 degree view of the entire East Coast of the North Island, watch a live super rugby game at the stadium, watch the New Zealand Black Caps (cricket team) take on Australia at the oval under lights, try one of a dozen locally brewed craft beers, take in a Night Owl Cinema overlooking the world famous Mount Maunganui beach, shop at the Little Big Markets for anything I want, watch the largest cruise ships in the world enter and exit the harbour mouth while eating fresh Fish’n’Chips on Pilot Bay, see world-renowned street/graffiti art throughout the area – and did I mentioned the amazing local cuisine?

24-hours in Mount Maunganui I would start the day by going on early morning fishing charter where I’m pretty sure I’ll see either a huge school of dolphin, seals, orcas or even the odd whale. I would watch all my buddies pull a giant 50kg bass from the ocean’s depths into the boat while drinking a perfectly brewed coffee (by the ship’s first mate). Once back on land I would take my chilly bin filled with fresh fish back to my house and quickly exchange the fishing gear for my surfboard and go for a quick wave. Lunch would consist of freshly fired Kingfish steaks on the BBQ then off to for a quick nine holes of golf (hiring a cart makes it super quick). Dinner…Fish n’ chips on pilot bay watching the sunset is a must, or if you feel super keen you can take it up the Mount which is a 20 minute hike and watch the sun go down from the summit. The All Blacks play at 7:30pm so I’m off into the village to watch it on the big screen with all passionate locals and one of the friendly laid back bars. Then Uber home!

Ready to Experience The Mount?

If you’d like to experience Mount Maunganui and the East Coast of New Zealand the NOSHtrekker way, contact and we’ll put you in touch with our preferred travel partner in New Zealand.

All photography: Caleb Walsh, Cab Creative

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