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On the Road with Travel Photographer Jensen Chua

Jensen Chua is a Singaporean photographer and self-described “pixels predator” constantly on the prowl for the next stunning shot. Having practiced his craft for 15 years, Jensen has more than a few accolades under his belt, including the title of Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year 2015 (National Parks Board).

Currently an associate instructor at Canon Imaging Academy, Jensen travels the world in his role as travel photographer and writer for Jetabout Holidays (Qantas-owned). During this Q&A, we caught him right after a trip to New Zealand before jetting off to Hokkaido.

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Having been in New Zealand recently, what was your favourite destination on that trip?

This is a difficult question to answer. With all the places I have been, the South Island was so amazingly beautiful. But if I really have to choose, then my visit to the Tasman Glacier for the helicopter glacier hiking, together with the spectacular scenery driving into Mt.Cook National Park, has to be the highlight of my trip. Certainly an adventure, both visually and physically.

What is one thing you make a point to do when you visit a new place?

From a travel photographer’s perspective, the one key thing to do is research the location so that I can better convey the “feel” of the place in my imaging. On a road trip, I need to maximise the available time. We don’t usually get second chances.

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Any food experiences in New Zealand that stood out for you? There was this cosy Italian trattoria named Terra Mia in Arrowtown. Their Parma Ham Pizza and Mushroom Soup were simply memorable. Fresh, perfectly cooked and reasonably priced. And the Italian staff chattering in their native language brought memories of my trip to Italy. Memorabile davvero!

Being an avid traveller yourself, what should visitors know about Singapore?

I wish tourists visiting Singapore would understand our unique culture better, especially our food culture, and really explore the real side of our city, beyond the tourist attractions. They will come to realise that this “kiasu” syndrome is not a unique Singapore characteristic and we are nice people, really.

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3 tips for holiday photographers?

1/ Know your gear well so you increase the likelihood of getting the shots you want.

2/ Do some basic research on the place you are visiting so that you are better prepared.

3/ Don’t have unrealistic expectation. or better, don’t have any expectations. This allows you to better enjoy the location and translate this feeling in your pictures.

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