NOSHtrekker, Florence, Italy
Shop at Mercato Centrale and wind down with jazz at Le Ménagère

River the Whippet
River is NOSHtrekker’s first canine travel reporter. Living in Florence, Italy, he has his nose close to the ground and brings us a view of Italian life that is simultaneously objective and enthusiastic, like only a whippet can. His mother, our in-house stylist Kara, has ensured that River continues to develop his Italian sensibility by allowing him to roam the cobblestone streets of their current hometown (always supervised by a parent, of course!). Send him love on Instagram at @river_thewhippet

Buongiorno amici miei,

Once you reach the Duomo take a seat outdoors at one of the many restaurants and admire the architecture and fashionable locals.

From the piazza, I love to go to Le Botteghe di Leonardo for a deliciously creamy gelato before picking up fresh ingredients from Mercato Centrale (see above). It is the food market of all food markets, filled with pasta, cheese, olive oil, wine, produce and other Tuscan goods available to take home or to a local park, such as Giardino dell’Orticultura, one of my favourites.

When the sun goes down, I head to Le Ménagère to listen to some cool jazz and take a snooze on one of the worn leather chairs. I always prefer to find somewhere soft and comfortable to sit at anytime during the day, I’m a whippet after all.

NOSHtrekker, Florence, Mercato Centrale

Roving the aisles at Mercato Centrale

NOSHtrekker, La Menagere, Florence, Italy

Appreciating the greenery at La Menagere

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