NOSHtrekker, Southern Highlands
Five things we love about the Southern Highlands

Despite working together for more than two years, Sarah and I have never spent as much time together as we did two weeks ago on a trip to Sydney’s Southern Highlands. With our Country Manager, Maryann, the three of us spent the week finalising our Australia strategy, visiting new places and meeting new faces and old friends.

Five things we loved about the Southern Highlands on this visit:

  1. Easy walks by the river where we had the footpaths all to ourselves.
  2. Desserts in the village of Berrima that had our eyes salivating.
  3. A nook of a shop selling beautiful Liberty prints and gentle cashmere.
  4. Trialling pizza recipes with local food intelligentsia.
  5. Walking through an incredible heritage private garden with its owner.

Thank you to Geoff Jansz for letting our team invade his kitchen. Don’t you just love the collection of preserved fruit on his shelves?

Feature image: Geoff Jansz’ pantry in the Southern HIghlands

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