NOSHtrekker, Soulful Grains
A pop-up event in Singapore that fed both mind and soul

At the end of last year while reviewing our business plan, Tahnya and I were reminded of the core purpose of NOSHtrekker, which is to impact lives through food, friendship, conversation and culture. The work we do only becomes meaningful when authentic connections are made and more people are able to share their stories and spend more time doing the things that they love – which for our Hosts is cook the food of their personal history and share that food with others.

An Book & Brunch Event with A Twist

Our first #eatmywords for 2018 was a great way to pay homage to this purpose. Unlike previous events, where we cook the food right out of the pages of fiction and non-fiction books, this brunch presented a bit of a twist. The book we were exploring was Sustainable Impact: How Women Are Key to Ending Poverty, a primer in sustainable enterprise and its ability to empower women who are in need.

For the food element of this event, NOSHtrekker Host, Rita from Soulful Grains, took up the challenge to design a menu that used ingredients produced by the sustainable enterprises highlight in the book, which made the morning about not only feeding the mind, but also showing, in our small way, support of these businesses.

Talking About Sustainable Impact

Joining us at the event on February 2 was Laina Greene, a co-founder of Angels of Impact and co-author of the book Sustainable Impact. An inspiring entrepreneur and academic, Laina was very gracious in sharing her story and knowledge. We talked about the motivation for setting up Angels of Impact, the work that the organisation does, what the ‘feminisation of poverty’ means and how supporting sustainable enterprise differs from donating to charity.

Questions from the group included the challenge of being a conscious consumer, the impact that consumerism has on the environment and how we can better identify enterprises that are truly sustainable – where profits actually go to the people in need. We also talked about how corporates can contribute by making better purchasing decisions and how we can lend a hand to people in poverty closer to home.

NOSHtrekker, Soulful Grains

Discussion with Laina Greene from Angels of Impact and NOSHtrekker Host, Rita from Soulful Grains.

Brunch by Soulful Grains

It would not be a NOSHtrekker experience without a focus on food. The menu included Spiced Quinoa Patties with Pine Nuts, Basil Pesto Nasi Goreng with Wing Beans & Cashew Nuts, and Soulful Grain’s homemade Turmeric & Curry Leaves sourdough bread. The ingredients used included products by JavaraJasberry and Krakakoa – brands all featured in the book.

We’ll let the picture of the table spread speak, though nothing beats tasting the delicious and complex flavours for yourself!

NOSHtrekker, Soulful Grains

Menu designed and cooked by NOSHtrekker Host Soulful Grains

Thank you to all the people who bought tickets, copies of the book and/or products that were sold by Angels of Impact. The money is well spent and goes to support the work of the sustainable enterprises you have purchased from. We send our appreciation to Laina, the volunteers who lent their time and effort, and to our Host Rita for the beautiful table spread and outstanding hospitality.

If you were not at the event and would still like to show your support for the work that Angels of Impact is doing, you can purchase a copy of Sustainable Impact on Amazon.

See you at our next #eatmywords event scheduled for April.

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