NOSHtrekker, Field Notes
There is a special ambience when dining under the stars or eating in a night market

The open air is a mix of scents and filtered light. If you would rather dine indoors but live without a balcony or outdoor space you can still enjoy the feeling of dining outdoors with the help of different types of lighting.

For an ambient glow, turn off the main overhead lights. Use accents lights on side tables, tea-lights, pillar candles, strings of clear lights or battery operated paper lanterns to create a little night magic at home. Dimmers are another great and inexpensive way to adjust the level of light and instantly change the mood. The light on battery-operated lanterns is low and has a soft diffusion making them ideal for indoor use. They can be set directly on the dinner table, hung from a height or easily carried between rooms.

Stylish examples of new to market battery-operated lamps include Carrie LED Lamp (above left), FollowMe Portable Table Lamp (above center) and Firefly (above right). Plug-in LED night lights are a source of soft light typically identified with the bedroom, but they are a versatile light source and can be plugged into any standard outlet to provide a soft wash of light to the floor or wall.

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