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Happy Holidays. We are eating at other tables and visiting far off places and
won’t be taking bookings from 19 December 2017 to 12 January 2018. See you in the New Year!

NOSHtrekker creates delicious, in-home dining experiences that connects the incredible people who eat and make it,
and the local stories they tell.

We are passionate about quality

We’re all about delivering world-class service, leaving no stone unturned to bring you the best food experiences.

We care about our people

All our Hosts are supported and nurtured in a community of trust and respect.
They make our business possible.

We create experiences

The souvenirs you take home from your travels should be memories of time spent with local people and delicious food.

Explore our exclusive signature experiences


Making the past relevant today through first-hand encounters and storytelling.


Culture experienced through the senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.


Ethnic tastes for the modern palate; keeping flavours alive for generations.


Mining wisdom from the past and future, eating for health, peace and vitality.

Go back to the days of the Empire and enjoy Ceylonese Jaffna cuisine on the verandah

A selection of local hors d’oeuvres, an old spice cocktail, an evening of music

An artistic experience that transports local flora from branch to table


“An amazing experience. The Host houses a treasure trove of Peranakan artefacts. Knowledgeable and welcoming…”

Treasures at Twilight

“[Ajuntha] made us feel at home from the very beginning and the food was over the top delicious. We could have stayed the whole day.”

Medicine Woman Asia

“What I thought would be just another meal turned out to be a really enjoyable learning experience. I recommend anyone seeking a more native experience to try NOSHtrekker out!”

Masala Mistress

Spice up your week.
Reserve a seat at one of our pop-up food experiences.



Our current issue looks at the hardware we use in the kitchen

The utensils and hardware our Hosts use in the kitchen allow them to transform a range of ingredients into a variety of tastes, sights and smells. This season we look at both the indispensable and curious and explore what our home cooks and top chefs love to use in their culinary adventures.


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New to Singapore?
Or simply want to discover more?

NOSHtrekker experiences are the perfect way to get intimately acquainted with the people, history, culture and food of Singapore. If you’re new to the city, this is a chance to take a peek into the homes and lives of this unique community. If you’ve been living in Singapore for a while, or call Singapore your home, we can guarantee that our experiences will open the door to so much more.


Join us to experience the authentic
taste of a place.

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Christine Stephenson
Christine Stephenson
Felt like Fred and Sally were family as soon as we walked in the front door at Nostalgic Phoenix. The food was beyond amazing!!! I don't think I will ever tire of Fred's cooking.
Tracie Button
Tracie Button
Wonderful unique experience to be a tourist and a local at the same time. Our hosts Rose and Chris for claypot relishes opened up their wonderful home full of treasures, told us stories, played music and brought out a magnificent feast. There was a perfect balance of our own chit chat and our host's stories. Definitely a memory I will treasure.
Sapna Nemani
Sapna Nemani
An unforgettable dinner that brought us closer to nature and appealed to all senses. Apart from the delicious food and drinks, the artistic theme just made it extra special. Thank you #noshtrekker for an incredible experience.
Jaswinder Kaur
Jaswinder Kaur
Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Big call out to Nita and gang at GastroGeography of Singapore for not just great food and drinks but also for the journey you took us on to discover what I have forgotten to see, feel and can feed us with all that is around me...it was just a magical nite for me and my friends. Loved every minute...posting pics on my FB!
Dorotka Pamięta
Dorotka Pamięta
A really nice evening with Medicine Woman of Asia :) The food was delicious and we felt so healthy whilst and after eating it! We can happily say that we spent great few hours with Ajuntha. She told us so many interesting stories from her life and from Singapore history, and we also chatted on other subjects. Noshtrekker and Ajuntha also fulfilled my wish to allow my husband to blow bday candles to celebrate his day!
Jill Dyson
Jill Dyson
I love the genuine personalised food and culture experiences that NOSHtrekker provides and can't wait until we can experience them with our great hosts in the Southern Highlands
Charlotte Chu
Charlotte Chu
Rochelle, jam maker extraordinaire, first showed us the intricacies of how her delicious jams are made. Each step of the way is done with much care and love, resulting in jams that are yummy and unique. She uses only ingredients which she can find locally, living up to her motto of 'Gouts Nomades' which thrives to be responsible and sustainable. Her wonderful jams includes tropical fruits like guava, pineapple, jackfruit, spiced up with cinnamon and peppers. Rochelle's passion in jam making was ignited when she was a child watching her grandma making plum jams with fruits from their very own orchard in South West of France. After the jam making, we sat down to a most delicious spread of brunch which included cheeses, breads baked by Rochelle and of course jams! What a wonderful start to a day! Thank you Rochelle and Nosh Trekker for this very cosy and intimate experience!
Wendy Tomlins
Wendy Tomlins
Singapore Culinary Seduction.... Have been in Singapore for a week now and have veered off the tourist track and bumped into Nosh Trekker. Anyone visiting this green island of abundance must book an experience with Nosh Trekker. Mobile Mamakan, food and drink foraging treasures - the Blue Pea Vodka will knock your socks off! The Holistic Healer; vegan splendour, healing and stories from the energetic and always dancing Mary Ho and today I experienced a traditional Chinese Shop House in historic Joo Chait with an exotic French Jam Therapist. Blown away by each experience and can't wait for tomorrow's cooking class Simply Teo Cheow making dumplings for the winter solstice.
Loo Zhao Mian
Loo Zhao Mian
Just wanted to share about this amazing vegetarian lunch experience (organised by 'Noshtrekker') I had today which was held in an incredible Singaporean lady's home today in Joo Chiat (with a lovely edible garden & mellow cats). This is really something I would recommend going with your little ones and even visiting family (especially if they are from out of town) as it offers an authentic glimpse into Sg's rich & diverse cultures. This tour is called 'Medicine Woman' if anyone is keen to know. I went with some friends and it was such an eye-opening experience with the Singaporean-born host (Ajuntha), who has Eurasian+Chinese+Malay+Pakistani heritage, sharing about the healing properties of plants and the origins of these plants commonly found in Sg and the region. (Did you know you can blend and eat papaya seeds? They help clear your bowels & deworm as well!) P.s. I am not in any way affliated but just wanted to share about this wonderfully enlightening and delicious culinary & educational experience with you all. Never felt so detoxed and impressed with vegetarian food in my life! AND I am a meat-lover!
Annelise Fava Moro
Annelise Fava Moro
We had a great experience learning how was life during the Japanese Occupation, the fires in the 1960s and at the same time we delighted ourselves with Peranakan homemade food!!!!! Thanks NOSHTREKKER for this opportunity! Thanks Mr Chan and daughter!!!!!!